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5 Benefits of a Motorhome Holiday for Single Parents

Find out why travelling the UK in a motorhome makes for a great solo holiday with kids:

When you’re a single parent, planning a holiday with your children can feel like a daunting task. Nothing screams stress more than the idea of navigating a busy airport or a 4-hour flight with your children in tow. But the good news is you don’t have to! There are many ways to have a fun and relaxing break in the UK. There is something for every budget, from camping in the wild in Scotland to joining group holidays for single parents.

If you like the idea of camping but don’t want to rough, it how about hiring a motorhome for yourself and your children? Motorhome holidays are simple, stress-free and heaps of fun, and can serve as a great way to bond with both kids and teenagers as you explore all the incredible sites that the UK has to offer! Here are just some of the many benefits of hiring a motorhome for your next single parent holiday:

1. Everything in one place

Travelling in a motorhome is such a convenient way of travelling. Everything your family needs is in one place: From an on-the-go kitchen and a bathroom that follows you everywhere to a bedroom for the little ones’ nap and all their toys in one place. If one of the kids needs the toilet or is hungry, you just stop on the side of the road. No need to race and find the next service station!

Motorhomes come with a huge selection of amenities these days – nothing like the old, cramped campervans many of us think of at the mention of the word. Naturally few of us own such a large recreational vehicle, so hiring a motorhome is definitely the way to go, especially when you want to tour the more rural areas of the UK, such as Scotland.

2. Luxury on wheels

Motorhomes have many luxurious features these days, from bike racks to a smart tv! Entertaining the kids on holiday once they’re tired out from all the exploring has never been easier. The state-of-the-art kitchen facilities, such as a ceramic hob, fan oven and recycling facilities, that come with a hired motorhome also make cooking for the family so much simpler. No more messing around with campfires or pricey takeaway food that the kids won’t eat. Instead, you can bring along your family’s favourite foods and cook on holiday just as you would at home. This is ideal too for anyone with fussy eaters. You can explore to your heart’s content knowing you won’t have to search far and wide for something your kids will eat. This will also save you a lot of money on holiday making it a win-win!

3. Freedom on the road

Another benefit of hiring a motorhome as a single parent is that you can tailor your holiday however you like. You set the agenda and travel at your own pace. Whether you want to head to the coast or get lost in the vast Scottish Highlands – anywhere you can drive to, you can go. With a motorhome, the choice is yours. If you love being spontaneous, this type of holiday will really suit you, as you don’t even have to plan a route. If you want to, you can just drive and see where you end up. No need to worry about where you and the kids will be able to sleep each night, as your beds are driving around with you!

4. Hassle-free holidays

Hiring a motorhome removes so much of the stress of a traditional holiday. There are no airports to struggle through with your children, no flights to catch, no uncomfortable hotel beds and no rules on where you can and can’t go! Your beds, toys, kitchen, and bathroom travel with you at all times.

Best of all, if you choose to travel through Scotland, you also have the advantage of being allowed to stop and stay anywhere you like as long as you abide by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. No need to pre-book a campsite if you don’t want to.

5. Pet-friendly travel

A motorhome is also a great holiday idea if you’re travelling with pets. One of the drawbacks of having pets is the difficulty that comes with travelling and the rising cost of holiday kennels. However, with a motorhome, you can bring your furry friends along with you. Having a family camping holiday with kids and pets means you don’t have to leave your beloved pet behind and spend a fortune on a dog kennel or pet sitter and your kids and you won’t need to worry about their welfare.child with pet on beach

Travelling in a motorhome is a fantastic way to explore the UK. If you and your kids love the great outdoors and the idea of a road trip, but you don’t want to rough it, then a motorhome holiday is a fantastic choice. Hiring a motorhome has many benefits as we have shown. Best of all, it allows you and your children to explore new places and make memories together. For single parents who don’t get to see your kids every day, it’s a great way to spend quality time and strengthen the bond with their kids. Whether you will spend the summer exploring beaches, watching wildlife, foraging forests, or looking for Loch Ness, you will be making memories to treasure for years to come!

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