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Fun Things to Do with Kids That Are Truly Unique

Check out these unique and fun-filled family adventures.

We all know the importance of spending quality time as a family. For single parents, time is particularly precious – between work and chores, there is often little time to do something fun with your kids. So, when there is time, you want to make it count. The same goes for the parent who only sees the kids every other weekend. Nowadays, wherever you live, there is no lack of fun things to do with kids, in fact, the choice is sheer endless.  If you feel adventurous, you might even want to take a few days off to travel to some of the out of the ordinary activities we have listed here! You could, of course, head to the park, the beach or the countryside – the usual things to do with kids. But why not think outside the box and head away from the everyday places? Your kids will thank you for it, even the older ones. Imagine their surprise and laughter if you went to circus school together…So, if you want to see not just happy little faces but also create memories that last a lifetime, then why not try out some of the truly unique leisure activities that we have put together for you:

fun things to do with kids - rafting familyThrilling mountain rides

Mountain resorts may be an obvious choice during the winter for skiing and snowboarding, yet they are often overlooked in the summer. Glorious blue skies, beautiful scenery and a wide range of family fun activities make the mountains the perfect summer destination with kids. Why not head up to Scotland or Wales when temperatures rise, and nature displays its sheer beauty? Nature relaxes the mind, body and soul. Clean air and rolling green hills with breathtaking views will not only amaze your family but give them an instant feeling of comfort and the best night’s sleep you have all had for months.

When going for a trip to a mountain resort, don’t settle for trekking or long walks. Go for the extraordinary things on offer. Try the giant swing that drops you from way up, jump out of a plane in tandem, or go mountain biking a hundred feet above the ground. Other fun activities include quad biking across rocky terrain, canyoning, rafting, tubing and paragliding which are equally fun and memorable things to do with kids. Whatever you do make sure you pack a first aid kit just in case.

fun things to do with kids - swing above waterfallPlaying with technology

Let’s be honest, you cannot keep up with the kids here, but you can definitely try to keep abreast with the latest technology. There are many fun things to do with kids that revolve around technology and will unleash the inner child in you. You could spend a day trying to put certain gadgets like the Segway, hoverboard or drones to the test. Go and have some fun while your kids teach you how to operate these advanced gadgets.

If you are out by a stream, lake or even the seaside, you and the kids could try out radio controlled (RC) boats. Start off with a remote-control car or truck and once you all have the hang of steering vehicles on dry land, you can progress to water with small or big boats. If you need help finding the right RC boat for you, go to the Dronethusiast to make sure you pick the right one that suits you and your kids’ style.

fun things to do with kids - dad flying droneDining in the sky

If you want to take dining to a whole new level, then opt for a flying dinner table. This unique dining experience does not just provide a gastronomic adventure, it also brings you architectural marvels and awe-inspiring views for the duration of your entire meal.

The dining set-up is not for the faint-hearted with your dinner table hoisted up to two hundred feet into the air. This should give your family a culinary thrill that is spine-tingling. Naturally, for safety reasons, everyone will be strapped to their seats with a body harness and seatbelt, which is why your children should be a minimum of 1.4 m in height. There are now venues in more than 40 countries. In the UK, you can book via London in the Sky for an exclusive and unique dining experience in various locations above London and other UK cities.

Gruesome Ghost Bus Tour

Bus rides might not be one of those obvious fun things to do with kids and certainly won’t seem exciting to you if they are part of your daily commute. You probably enjoy a nap on your ride to and from work, or maybe you like to read the news, watch videos or scroll through social media posts on your smartphone. The Ghost Bus Tour is something entirely different from the uneventful route that you take on a daily basis.

The Ghost Bus Tour truly lives up to its name. Its crew consists of real actors disguised in scary costumes portraying a range of frightful characters. The bus itself features special effects to make the ride more exciting and frightening. But there is more to this bus tour than its special effect.

Your guides have stories replete with dark, gory and gruesome details, including actual events that haunted London in the past. And to top it all off, a comedy horror show is staged inside the bus which may make you to hold tighter onto your seat. This type of bus tour would be an adventure not to be missed for the kids and one to remember as you ride past London’s magnificent landmarks.

fun things to do with kids - ghost bus tourSwinging in the tree tops

There are few kids whose hearts will not beat faster at the sound of a high ropes adventure. One of the better-known things to do with kids, parents and children of all ages can enjoy a ‘walk through the air’ whilst admiring the views around you from the top of the trees.

Your youngest can enjoy climbing at a safe height holding your hand whilst your older children will appreciate the thrill of the more challenging courses, which include crossings, Tarzan swings and ziplines several metres above the ground. A harness system gives great freedom of movement so there is no need to feel apprehensive. For a further challenge, there are the treetop adventures that have obstacles, platforms and high-speed ziplines that should make you break out in a sweat. And how about inflatable balls and slides among the treetops? Now, that’s something new. Add to that tree houses connected by netted walkways. High rope gardens are the perfect thing to do with kids, offering a sense of adventure, scenic views and fresh air all in one place. Don’t forget to pack a lunchbox!

fun things to do with kids - high rope gardenFlying trapeze school

If your family loves the circus, a flying trapeze class is one of those truly extraordinary and fun things to do with kids. This is not for the faint-hearted though, as you will be swinging several metres above the ground. If this is your sort of thing and your kids are at least 8 years old, then head to Gorilla Circus Flying Trapeze School for a fun-filled day out. And who knows, you might well get hooked and come back! Your flying trapeze coaches are expert acrobats who can show you a range of fancy tricks using the best safety equipment. After a few classes, you will surely be able to compete with Spiderman and master some advanced tricks!

fun things to do with kids - circus tent

Whatever the weather and wherever you are, you will find that there is a range of fun things to do for kids of all ages. There really is no excuse not to take time out for your kids. And since there are also many attractions and activities indoors, bad weather shouldn’t be an obstacle to a fun day out, a weekend away or a single parent holiday. Let’s not forget that doing fun stuff with the kids at the weekend will also take your mind off work and leave you energised, ready to tackle the daily grind once more. This was just a small selection of the many unique and fun things you can do with children. Making magical memories with your kids requires setting aside time, a little bit of planning and a budget. Yet, you could equally find inexpensive activities to keep the kids entertained that require less or no planning – the choice is yours. What counts is that you spend quality time together as a family and make fond memories you and your children will cherish and look back on in years to come.

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