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The Peninsula of Halkidiki – a Breathtaking Autumn Getaway

Sandy beaches, secluded coves, crystal clear waters and breathtaking landscapes

The peninsula of Halkidiki in Greece with its highly distinctive shape is reminiscent of three ‘fingers’ of land pointing out into the Aegean Sea. Halkidiki is famous for its beautiful coves and bays, rocky headlands, secluded white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Halkidiki’s climate is typically Mediterranean, with warm, sunny autumns, which means you can swim and sunbath until late into the year. With conditions the way they are in autumn, a single parent holiday in Halkidiki is an amazing autumn getaway, not to be missed.

The countryside in Halkidiki takes on an autumnal glow and the earth begins to deliver its Mediterranean bounty of oil, grapes and wine. The sea is still pleasantly warm from the hot summer and when the burning heat has subsided, the resorts in Halkidiki quieten down and there are hardly any tourists left. Enjoy the gentle warming autumn sun and warm waters of the sea. And make sure that you experience the reddy-orange glow of the woods in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mount Athos. They are simply stunning.

Halkidiki has a great deal to offer anyone with an interest in culture and history. It is home to Mount Athos, the Holy Mountain. According to Greek legend it was created after the giant Athos threw an enormous rock at the father of the gods, Zeus. Mount Athos, designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, has been an Orthodox spiritual centre since 1054 and has enjoyed an autonomous statute since Byzantine times.

Head for the breathtaking beauty of the archaeological site at the Petralona Caves, containing prehistoric settlements some 7,000 years old, and check out the locals gathering in the olives on the endless groves en route; then back down to the empty beaches in Halkidiki to chill in the warm water in the afternoon.

Greece in the autumn is an inside tip for all travellers who enjoy a bit of quiet away from the tourist masses. Single Parents on Holiday’s families have spent countless wonderful single parent holidays in Greece and we keep coming back for more!

Picture of hotel and beach in Halkidiki
Picture of hotel and beach in Halkidiki


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