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How to Make Your Child’s Bedroom a Relaxing Space

Practical and creative ideas to create a calming environment  for your kids:

We all know how important self-care is for our mental and physical health. After all, we are constantly reminded to look after ourselves, take a break when we can, practise meditation or discover mindfulness. Yet few of us ever think to apply the same words of wisdom to our children.

To put it simply, we rarely consider that our children also need to relax and unwind. After all, what pressures are they under? We are the ones working, juggling, stressing day in and day out, especially the working single parents amongst us. Yet being a child in this day and age, can be immensely stressful. Children as young as 5, 6, and 7 feel under pressure from school and society. Schools, parents, peers, and social media push today’s children to perform and compete. Whether you or your school is guilty of putting too much pressure on your children or not, chances are your kids gets far too little time to chill.

While they may not need a weekend at a spa to unwind, there are other ways you can help your children relax and feel better about the world around them. In this post, we’ll explore how to make your child’s bedroom a relaxing space.

Update their bed

When was the last time your child had a new bed? Creaky, old, and unpleasant bed frames can make good sleep incredibly difficult to achieve and getting plenty of rest can help improve your child’s mental health and wellbeing. When your child has a bed that is comfortable, fresh and looks good, they’ll be more eager to spend time in it! So, why not get them one of those really cool beds that kids love ? High sleepers, mid sleepers, and bunk beds are great for saving space and generating a positive, homely atmosphere. The extra storage many of these cool beds provide, help limit clutter in your kids’ bedroom, thus creating a tidy and stress-free area. When you update your child’s bed, And don’t forget the importance of a good mattress – it can make all the difference to how they sleep and their mood the next bed in kids bedroom

Add lighting for different activities

Good lighting is important in any bedroom, so don’t neglect your child’s! A simple, overhead lamp might seem practical and sufficient, but it casts shadows and can make activities such as homework and reading very difficult. If your child has to repeatedly strain their eyes (and they may not even be aware they are), this can lead to dry, sore eyes, headaches, and difficulty concentrating. Consider installing a desk lamp to make reading and homework easier and a side table with lighting for bedtime reading. You could also get creative with fairy lights or LED candles to encourage rest and relaxation once their homework is completed and your children want to relax or to get them. These would also work well for young children to set the scene for bedtime. boy reading in bed with fairy lights

Create a dedicated reading space

Reading is a relaxing and enjoyable activity that your little ones can enjoy either independently or as an activity to share with you. Creating a reading space can help make your kids’ bedroom much more relaxing and enjoyable. You don’t need much to bring this idea to life, just a corner of the room that you can fill with bean bags, cushions or even a small tent! Have all their favourite books on display and plenty of light and let them discover the joy of reading away from screens, computer games and other distractions.girl reading peacefully at desk

Make it cosy

If your child has a small bedroom this is easier to achieve, but even a large room can be made cosy by creating different zones – one for homework, one for play, and one for chilling out, for example. Fill your kids’ bedroom with soft furnishings, such as cuddly toys, soft blankets, colourful cushions and curtains, bean bags, a soft rug, and comfortable bedding. Soft materials are soothing and inviting and will help kids relax and calm down after school. Another way to make your kids feel relaxed would be to have family photos printed onto canvas. Seeing the faces of their loved ones surrounding them in their bedroom makes children feel safe and relaxed, something so important for children of single parents. If your kids’ bedroom is in a poorly insulated loft or basement, you might want to consider air conditioning regulated via HVAC equipment to ensure that their bedroom is cosy, aerated, or cooled as needed.

teddy reading book

Play with colour

We all know colour affects mood. So, choosing the right colour for your children’s bedroom should deserve some careful consideration. If you want a calming wall colour, you could choose between blue, green, pink, purple, and even grey as a base. All these colours are soothing and restful promoting peace and tranquillity. You could also combine them to make the room appear less dull, or set accents with more vibrant colours, such as positive yellow in their play area or stimulating red in their homework zone. But you don’t have paint your child’s room from scratch if you think this is taking things too far. There are plenty of other ways to decorate your kids’ bedroom on a budget.paint roller with relaxing green paint

Final thoughts…

Encouraging your child to rest and relax not only helps them in the here and now, but also teaches them to prioritise their wellbeing as they grow, giving them good habits for when they’re older. In addition, a relaxed child is able to think more constructively and positively. So, consider revamping your kid’s bedroom to create a beautiful safe space where they can truly switch off and relax.

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