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How to Sell Your Old Silver and Why It’s Worth It

In the depths of your drawers and hidden in plain sight on your shelves, you may have old silver items gathering dust. Perhaps you’ve never considered parting ways with these seemingly insignificant relics,  thinking they were worthless. After all, it’s easy to underestimate the value of these pieces. Don’t dismiss the idea of selling your old silver before reading on. It could very well unlock a world of financial possibilities.

Whether you’re looking to fund a holiday, cover unexpected bills, embark on home renovations, or simply purchase thoughtful gifts, your old silver can pave the way to achieving these goals. So, let’s look into why you should sell silver items online and where those silver treasures could be hiding in your home.

Hidden silver treasures

Many households have an array of clutter hidden at the back of cupboards. Many items are inherited from an older generation who prided themselves in setting the table with silver ware on special occasions. Wedding photos would receive a silver frame and jewellery would be passed down through the generations. Today, we live very differently. Few of us would dream of getting the old silverware out for their guests and most of us desperately want to declutter and transform our homes rather than keeping old heirlooms on display or taking up space in cupboards. The good news is that the price of silver has been steadily increasing over the decades. So, let’s search your home and see if we can uncover any silver pieces that can be turned into cash:

1. Silver spoons:

Antique silver spoons, often passed down through generations, are often hiding in plain sight. Selling them can not only provide you with extra cash but also help these beautiful pieces find new homes where they’ll be appreciated. Their value depends on their age, the degree of craftmanship in the design and carvings, their condition, and even the brand.

2. Broken silver items:

Don’t underestimate the value of broken silver pieces. Even if they’re damaged or no longer serve their original purpose, they can still fetch a decent price. Broken silver jewellery, for instance, may be melted down and repurposed, making them a valuable commodity for silver buyers.

3. Silver plated items:

Silver-plated dishes, trays, and utensils that you no longer use and that are gathering dust in your cupboards can be of value for antique dealers and collectors. Their value depends on age, condition, and rarity. Many collectors and enthusiasts are on the lookout for such pieces. As silver-plated items cannot be melted down and repurposed like sterling silver can, they are less valuable than sterling silver equivalents.

4. Silver jewellery:

Old or unwanted silver jewellery is another treasure trove. Perhaps you have necklaces, rings, or bracelets that no longer align with your style, but to someone else, they might be just what they’re searching for. To find out if your silver jewellery is worth anything, check its silver purity: There will be markings, such as a 925 stamp, indicating a high level of silver content. Also check for brand names, such as Tiffany’s, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Thomas Sabo and Links of London – just some of the fashion houses that make valuable jewellery.

5. Old trophies and medals:

Those vintage trophies, medals and awards that have been collecting dust in your attic may surprise you with their value. Collectors, sports enthusiasts, or even schools looking for unique awards may be interested in purchasing these nostalgic trophies. Others may be interested in their precious metal content. Older items made before 1970 were sometimes made of sterling solid silver and worth recycling. Newer medals and trophies were usually just thinly plated and as such only have nostalgic or collector’s value.

6. Silver photo frames:

Sterling silver photo frames, often gifted for special occasions, can fetch a few hundred pounds each depending on their age, condition, brand, etc. It’s definitely worth considering selling your silver frames if you don’t feel like using these old-fashioned items for your family photos.

The benefits of selling old silver

You might understandably worry that selling off your silver may not be worth the effort, or that you may not receive a fair price. You needn’t be: It is now easier than ever to find a silver buyer online who will evaluate your family heirlooms and make you an offer. All you have to do is say yes or no. In the latter case, your item/s will be returned to you free of charge. After all, you may have a price in mind that will make parting with a treasured item worth it for you.

The best part about selling your old silver items online is, that whatever cash you make through the sale, will be unexpected and may fund something truly exciting, that you never thought possible. It could be those luxury solo holidays that have looked attracted your interest or the small piece of jewellery that you had your eyes on for a while – as opposed to the ornately decorated silver ring from great grandma that never really fit. Maybe you received an unexpected bill that caught you off guard, or you need some extra cash to finance one of your next home improvement ideas? You might even want to brighten someone else’s day or mark a special occasion. Selling heirlooms can provide you with the means to make new memories and alleviate any negative feelings you may have over “selling the family silver”.

In conclusion, while you may have reservations about selling your old silver, if it’s not being used and just cluttering your home, there is no point in holding on to it and stopping yourself from buying or enjoying something new or useful instead.

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