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Singe Parent Dating: Where Do You Start?

A brief introduction to the world of online dating for single parents.

Are you a single parent contemplating to start dating again? If that is you, you have probably spent some time mulling over your options: After all, being a single parent means your time is precious, and you have presumably had a rather unpleasant experience. You have probably gone through the motions of recovering emotionally and financially and finding your feet again as a single parent. So, why rock the boat and upset that precious balance you worked so hard to achieve by trying to date as a single parent?

Let romance back in your life

Well, life goes on, and your children are growing up. If time keeps racing (as it does), you might find your kids have moved out and you are a single parent empty nester living by yourself. But pessimism aside, would it not be nice to let a little bit of romance back in your life even though you are a hard-working single parent with little free time?date - single parent dating

Consider online dating

If you have made up your mind, then the question is where to find that special someone who would make you, and possibly your family, complete. If you are unlikely to meet someone at your workplace and your friends’ friends are all married or partnered up, then this leaves few options. Online dating is a great choice for single parents when time is scarce, and you don’t want to pay a babysitter for a totally unsuitable blind date your friends have set up. When you choose online dating, you can choose a date yourself from the comfort of your home, one that sounds like it might be a good fit for you, and hopefully the kids, too. And if you do get dressed up to the nines, and fork out for that babysitter, you have already chatted and skyped with your date, and know he or she will be worth the effort.woman in her 40s at laptop - single parent dating

Dating another single parent

There are many niche dating sites for any interest and orientation, so rather than opening yourself up to a whole world out there, why not choose a niche that suits your situation, i.e. a single parent dating site? Many of these sites are free to browse, and payment is only necessary if you want to delve deeper and use all the search and chat functions available. So, you have nothing to lose except a little bit of your precious time.

How to get started

A 5-star dating profile is a must. Check how it’s done, either by reading the profiles of others that stand out to you positively or by following expert advice. Indeed, the internet is full of good advice, on how to create the perfect profile. It should be positive without sounding cheesy and convey both who you are and what you are looking for in a person. Honesty is a must and forms the basis of any good relationship, so be careful not to embellish or show off. Be positive and upbeat but at the same time don’t pretend you are someone you are not, as it will eventually come back to bite you.

Ignore negative comments

Friends and family have the habit of giving unsolicited advice, whether they know what they are talking about or not. Many friends will warn you about the perils of dating, even though their last date might have been 20 years ago, and even more so online dating. Don’t let them destroy your hopes for a fun date, if not a happy new relationship. Society has changed and dating sites are the place where countless couples meet today. If you are open about online dating, you will find that a lot of couples around you have met online.

hands forming heart - single parent dating

Use your common sense

You can talk about yourself at length, even your kids, without mentioning the name of your employer, your kids’ school, and many other details that make you easily identifiable. Honesty is wonderful, but naivety not so. Whilst you do not yet know the person you are dating, you have to keep some details to yourself, until you can be sure that the person you are seeing, is genuine and can be trusted. If your date is not very forthcoming about their own life, alarm bells should ring. You have common sense, so use it, check him or her out if in doubt, and call it a day if you are not sure they can be trusted.

Last but not least, enjoy the process. There is nothing better than enjoying an evening out with good food and good conversation. If butterflies come into play, then all the better, but those rarely appear on a first date. So, don’t rush into anything, enjoy the process of single parent dating, and see where it takes you.

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