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The 6 Best Single Parent Podcasts

Single Parent Podcasts not to miss in 2022:

Raising kids is the most challenging job in the world, but also the most important one you will ever have. So, when you are doing it all alone, the pressure is huge and it’s no surprise many single parents feel overwhelmed by it all. First off, you struggle with coming to terms with the loss of your relationship through separation, divorce, or bereavement. Then you have to settle into new surroundings, adjust to  new family dynamics and somewhere along the lines find time for yourself – just to stay sane.

Becoming a single parent probably wasn’t part of your life plan. Our podcasters struggled with depression, loneliness, and self-doubt before coming out the other side. Their podcasts are a great tonic when you feel in need of a bit of motivation and encouragement – best of all,  as a busy parent, you can listen to them whilst you do other stuff.listen to the best single parent podcasts

We have handpicked some of the best single parent podcasts in 2022 for you. Listen to other mums and dads as they share their parenting ups and downs, their suggestions, and solutions for a whole host of single parenting challenges and their positivity! So, without further ado, here are our favourite podcasts for single parents:

1. Single Parent Podcast

The Single Parent Podcast is hosted by two single mums based in the US, Christina Monai and Christina Paling. The namesakes chat to each other about different topics concerning single parents. They also invite fellow single mums onto the show to discuss issues they have experienced while navigating single parenthood.

Their primary goal is to support single parents and build a community where single parents can share their stories and thrive. This podcast is very informative and is a useful resource for a variety of topics. Each episode offers insightful information, encouragement, and practical solutions.

Frequency: weekly on average
Duration: usually between 45 and 80 minutes

2. Single Mother Survival Guide

Julia Hasche became a single parent when her daughter was only a few months old. She is based in Australia and has been a single mum since 2013. Her podcast and her website are designed to help and support newly single mums through the challenges they are facing because of their new circumstances.

Her Single Mother Survival Guide podcast includes a variety of interesting guests, including a wills and estate lawyer, a financial advisor, an online safety expert, and many more. The goal is to give single mothers everywhere the resources and tools to manage their everyday lives and plan for their and their children’s future. This could be day-to-day money management, as well as making savings.

Hasche also talks with life coaches, parenting experts, and family lawyers on her show. She discusses domestic violence, child support, the benefits of being a single parent, single parent travel, and successful co-parenting.

Frequency: usually weekly
Duration: anything from 15 minutes to 1 h 45smiling mum listening to podcast

3. Happy Single Mom

Khalifa Araba is a British single mum of a 10-year-old boy. She has a law degree, a Master’s in Human Rights and Social Justice and worked for the Ministry of Justice in the UK before starting her own business and her own single parent podcast.

Having overcome severe depression as a single parent, Khalifa shares her journey to happiness in her podcast Happy Single Mom. Her goal is to help single parents find happiness and fulfilment; hence her guests are mostly people who have either transformed their own lives or are in a profession that aims to transform lives. These are domestic violence survivors, parenting or life coaches, dating experts, single parent authors, and so on.

She doesn’t shy away from difficult topics, such as discussing the whereabouts of daddy, single parent sex life, loneliness, and self-doubt. Each episode has its own unique and hard-hitting topic that asks and answers fundamental questions and brings a different perspective to single motherhood from guests that express their own views and perspectives on any given topics.

Frequency: 4 or 5 posts per month
Duration: between 25 and 50 minutes

4. Good Moms Bad Choices

This is not your everyday podcast, but rather an inspirational, soul-filling, motherhood affirming podcast for all mothers, not just single mums. Good Moms Bad Choices is hosted by Erica and Milah, two Los Angeles based modern-day mothers discussing parenthood and its challenges in a norm-driven modern world.

Erica and Milah’s conversations are sincere, honest, and vulnerable, and they use their social skills to drive positive discussions. They invite inspirational people, from women who empower to celebrity parents, discussing and challenging archaic social stereotypes and much more. This entertaining podcast is suitable for open minded parents and women who feel alone in their good and bad choices.

Frequency: weekly every Wednesday
Duration: from 10 minutes to 1 hourbest single parent podcast

5. Strong Single and Human

What is single parenting really like? Join Claire Martin as she acknowledges that single parenting is the hardest things you will ever do. Her podcast Strong Single and Human is dedicated to all single parents, no matter how they got there.

She usually interviews single parents who have dealt with a variety of challenging or worrying situations yet have come out the other side. Topics that are discussed include dealing with a child or children with autism as a single parent, learning to love yourself, becoming a newly single mum after divorce or bereavement, addiction in the family, and more practical topics, such as dealing with fussy eaters and finances.

With these titbits of knowledge and wisdom, Claire Martin hopes to inspire single parents to overcome the challenges of doing it alone and to come out stronger than before.

Frequency: weekly
Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour

6. Dad Starting Over

Ralph, aka DSO, a single dad of three children, talks about how you can start over, whether that is by avoiding making the same mistakes again, or by pressing the restart button on your current relationship. Dad Starting Over is for all men starting over in life, not just newly single dads post-divorce.

DSA is the author of “The Dead Bedroom Fix”, “NOW WHAT?”, and “Red Flags”. He is also a life coach for men, so, unsurprisingly, his podcast is mostly about male topics. These range from neuroticism in men and testosterone replacement therapy, to female entitlement and a partner’s lack of sexual desire.  The host usually discusses issues listeners have sent in by email, but he also occasionally interviews friends or experts in a field of interest.

Frequency: irregular
Duration: anything from 6 minutes to 1 hourpodcast microphone

We hope, you enjoyed tuning in to our collection of the best single parent podcasts. What we love about all of them, is that they offer positivity, encouragement, and practical solutions. These podcasters want to empower you by making you focus on the positive, leave behind the self-doubt, and get back to a happy place. Happy listening!

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