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Tips for Enjoying Walt Disney World this September

How to make the most of your Disney World Trip:

Disney World in Florida is truly the most magical place on earth for kids. If you’re a single parent planning a hard-earned family holiday for September now that the parks have reopened post COVID, here are some insider tips to make it even more enjoyable!

What should I wear?

A valid and frequently asked question. It is always advisable to check the weather forecast ahead of time. Many guests fall into the trap of thinking that going in the fall means cool temperatures, but they are often proven wrong! You can usually expect some pretty warm temperatures in Florida at this time of the year, and rain is always a possibility. Do bear in mind, most Disney Resort hotels are pretty far from the parks, so keep a rain coat or poncho handy for yourself and the kids.

Disney World Mickey and Minnie

What should I pack?

Packing for a single parent holiday isn’t easy, but with Disney World Florida, you have to consider the fairly high fall temperatures according to the Stay Promo Disney World help site. In short, think summer attire and lounging at the pool!

The hotel and parks do offer necessities for sale, but they command a premium price. Make sure to take hot weather supplies with you on your trip to Disney, such as a portable fan, high SPF sunscreen, cooling towels and anything that offers relief from the heat. Just don’t waste space on bringing beach towels as your hotel can provide these!

Magic Kingdom hosts a Halloween Party every year, and if you plan on attending with your kids, make sure to pack fancy dress costumes as well. It really is best to bring your own costume as the ones available for purchase at the parks or nearby stores are expensive. Not to mention, you don’t want to waste any precious time dragging your kids through shops in search of the perfect Halloween costume, and missing out on the fun! There are lots of costumed Halloween parties to attend, so don’t miss out because you forgot to mark it in your calendar.

Disney World Beauty and the Beast

What can I expect at the park?

The month of September is quite magical and pretty spooky at Disney World, so here are some of the things you and the kids can look forward to:

Prepare for an early Halloween

Magic Kingdom starts preparing Halloween parties and gatherings as early as August. Some people absolutely love immersing themselves in Halloween well before October. If that’s not you, then perhaps consider planning a trip at a different time of year. Magic Kingdom offers food, entertainment, and attractions with a Halloween theme as early as the beginning of September.

Disney World Halloween

Get the party calendar out

You will need to obtain park hopper tickets in order for you and the kids to get the chance to attend the different Halloween parties. It is important to know the dates these parties are scheduled for, so you and the kids don’t miss out. If you choose to go on the day of the party and already have a party ticket, you don’t need to purchase a separate admission into the park. And if you are super keen, book the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, which marks the starting point of the Halloween events.

Be prepared for summer heat

It’s a common misconception for out-of-state and overseas visitors that the weather in Florida is cooler in the fall. The reality is that you can expect plenty of sunshine and high temperatures in Florida in the early autumn, frequently mixed with heavy rain showers as hurricane season starts again. Not everyone is able to handle extreme temperatures well, and if that is you, try to get to the park at least 45 minutes before opening. Getting to the park early can make a great deal of difference as the temperatures soar around 11 am or 12 pm. The key to getting a handle on the heat is taking accessories such as a cooling towel or a small handheld fan. Planning in advance will make all the difference in coping with the steadily rising temperatures.

Disney World is truly the most magical place on earth – a place to make kids’ dreams come true. And if you are a single parent with kids who love Halloween, then September is a very special time to visit indeed. Just make sure you are armed with the right knowledge and your party schedule in hand, so you can make the most of your magical stay in Orlando and create wonderful memories of your single parent holiday.

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