5 Ways to Keep the Kids Occupied on your Single Parent Holiday Abroad

As a single parent, making a success of a holiday abroad with the kids can be hard work, but it is extremely rewarding when it all goes to plan. All the onus of finding things to do on your single parent holiday abroad, controlling spending and dealing with tantrums is on you. There is precious little time for relaxation, but there are plenty of ways to plan ahead, manage all this and make your family holiday the best one ever for you and your kids.

It is a great idea to give children a responsibility on holiday or a little job to keep them occupied. This lessens the burden on you, but focusses the mind, keeps them out of mischief and includes them in the planning. Obviously, this is dependent on the age of your children, but could be packing the beach or pool bag each day, choosing an activity to do or helping with breakfast. Little things that help you out are worth planning in advance. Here are “our” 5 ways to keep the kids occupied on your single parent holiday abroad:

  1. Research: Make sure there are plenty of activities and entertainment, the beach or pool isn’t too far away and things like restaurants and shops for essentials aren’t too hard to find. You will often have your hands full, so make it easy on yourself and have plenty of accessible things to do and facilities close by. Your tour operator will have this information for you.
  2. Technology: Taking a tablet, laptop or portable DVD player with discs and downloads can occupy kids when you need a break or have your hands full, or when they are bored. And they can then help to occupy you when they have all gone to bed!
  3. Be sociable: You will be surprised who you meet when you actually try to be sociable on holiday. With two million single parents in the UK alone, your single parent holiday can be a great opportunity to break the ice and have a chat, if only for some adult company, but if your respective kids get together and start playing to lessen the load on you, all the better.
  4. Kids clubs: For the younger kids these are really useful in some resorts for both you and them. It allows you precious alone time, but also allows the kids to mix with others and to do what they actually want to do without everyone getting on each other’s nerves. Also, activities are particularly good for keeping the kids occupied and tiring them out to make the evenings easier to handle.
  5. One week only: Your first single parent holiday abroad should be a short one, but even if you have done a few it is advisable to limit them to only a week. Basically don’t overdo it. A week usually flies by but is perfectly adequate and by the final day usually even the kids are ready for home.

Picture of a bumper carWith research and planning, thinking outside the box and challenging yourself to try new things, a single parent holiday abroad can become a fantastic experience and a proud achievement. Quality one-on-one time with the kids as a single parent is often a rarity, and that is how you need to approach the holiday; as something precious and to be made the most of. It is an opportunity to get out of humdrum routines and enjoy the best features of your family that you hardly ever get chance to see.

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