The Best Ski Holidays For Solo Travellers

solo ski holidays Kitzbühel Austria

There used to be a stigma attached to solo travel, but in an age where people are less constrained by social conventions and we are encouraged to celebrate our status rather than be confined by it, solo travel is remaining a growing holiday sector in 2018 and 2019.

Information available to us now allows us to find the best resorts, read countless reviews, check the real time weather forecasts and book equipment and activities online and well in advance. This all lends itself well to skiing holidays, which has led them to become a huge market for the solo traveller. At the end of the day, we are all different and have our own interests, physical abilities and let’s face it, danger thresholds. Skiing has always been a big market for families and couples, but equally, there are a lot of relationships where people don’t share the same interests.

Why skiing is perfect for solo holidays

Skiing is a perfect choice for a solo holiday: an opportunity to test yourself, lose your inhibitions and have total control over your holiday. If you want to spend another hour conquering that downhill descent, then you can go for it, dinner and drinks can wait, they will still be there later.

Catered ski chalets and the new generation of ski lodges offer the opportunity to meet like-minded people in a convivial atmosphere, and some resorts offer social skiing, where groups can meet and ski together and it very quickly doesn’t matter whether you are travelling alone or not. You get shown around all the best pistes and you make friends along the way. Some resorts run social skiing groups where accommodation is shared in groups of two or three, so you can share a chalet, a mountain and some fantastic times with new people or a couple or friends you already know, or have met from a previous solo skiing holiday. But the beauty is, you can have company when you want it, and a bit of freedom when you don’t. And there is no better sense of freedom than being out on the slopes.

Finding the best solo skiing holidays

Single parents face this solo holidays dilemma when their children have grown up. You have experienced years and years of happy holidays together with the kids, but now they want to do their own thing, travel independently with friends and aren’t so interested in holidays with a parent. This leaves you a bit stuck as a single parent, but there are a few solo holidays tour operators looking out for you such as Single Parents on Holiday.

Some solo travellers enjoy the freedom of doing their own thing, but being on the slopes on your own really isn’t much fun. Others might not feel too confident on the slopes on their own or enjoy having company in the evenings with people of a similar age, rather than at a table on their own surrounded by couples and families.

Single Parents on Holiday offer solo holidays that tick all of those boxes. The famous Austrian ski resort of Schladming is a great holiday setting, and our package has everything you could want as a solo traveller. You will have an Austrian ski host and guide who will escort you on the piste, organise group dinners, lift passes, ski classes and ski hire and any other winter activities you might like to try. The package offers 4-star accommodation in double rooms, walking distance to the lift, a sauna and a spa and small pool. The famous town also has plenty of bars, restaurants and cafés, and offers a great way to meet people. So check out the information and make your solo holiday one of the best solo ski holidays around.

Take a look at our fantastic solo ski holiday to Schladming today!

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