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How to Pack a Backpack for a Week-Long Solo Trip Around Europe

Are you planning to travel around Europe for one of your next solo holidays? Europe is one of the most interesting places in the world to explore with so much ancient history, beautiful landscapes and culinary and cultural diversity. However, if you are planning many stops in different countries and don’t want to lug a huge suitcase around with you, then how and what to pack should be foremost on your mind. Of course, fitting your clothes, shoes, accessories, washbag, etc. in a small backpack is not an easy task especially when you need to be able to carry it! Naturally, the lighter the weight of your bag, the more fun you can have on your trip. Have you been browsing the web to get some tips how to backpack for your Europe trip? Look no further because we’ve come up with some interesting yet convenient tips on how to pack a backpack for a week-long trip.

Top tips on how to pack a backpack for a week-long trip:

• Which backpack?

Choosing the right backpack should be your foremost concern especially if you want to make your trip around Europe a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Prior to buying a backpack, it is essential to consider the number of items you wish to take. If you’re planning to carry only, say, 2 to 3 pairs of change, a water bottle and some snacks, then it is highly advisable to get a small-sized backpack as it is much comfortable to carry yet spacious.

• Fold fold fold

There is no doubt that folding your clothes saves a lot of space. Have you ever wondered which items take up most of the space in your luggage? Your clothes, of course. The most efficient way to organize your clothes in a backpack is by folding them. It saves not just space but also keeps them neat and tidy. Furthermore, make sure you start your packing by placing outfits in the far corners of your backpack working your way inwards and upwards. This method will save you much needed space.

• How to pack bulky items

Sleeping bags, sleeping mats, wellies, camping shoes, and other items that you won’t require instantly after reaching your destination should be positioned at the very bottom of your backpack. At the same time, food, water bottles, first aid kit, wet wipes, toiletries, rain coat, and other articles that you’ll frequently use during your trip should be positioned on top or alternatively placed in an easily accessible spot.

• How to pack accessories

One major advantage of opting for a backpack is that you have additional pockets where you can store small yet useful items in the most convenient place. Be it your GPS, sunscreen, map, compass, snacks, rain cover, car keys, ID and cash wallet, mobile phone, lip balm, makeup, bug spray, headlamp, or sunglasses – all of these small items can conveniently be placed in your backpack’s side and front pockets. Try to put your camera in one of the front pockets so you can grab it any time you need it so that you don’t miss capturing any of the wonderful scenery on your exciting adventure.

So what are you waiting for? Hopefully the above steps will help you to pack for your solo holiday whilst keeping your backpack light enough to carry. Still, if you find it too heavy to carry comfortably then we recommend to remove those items that you think you will hardly use. All the best!

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