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Making Memories: Best Holidays for Teenagers

Having a good holiday for teenagers can be challenging as they tend to have set ideas about what is fun and what is not – not to forget that they get bored quickly! It’s particularly difficult when you are a single parent and the only person planning, organising, and entertaining your brood. So, it’s essential to find a holiday with plenty of activities you know your youngsters will enjoy.

And with your child almost grown up, make sure you keep those holiday memories in a safe place. Did you know that there are apps with holiday templates for you to customize to make a booklet, which you can later print or export as a file?

Now to get you started, here are some ideas to help you create the best holidays for teenagers:

Holidays for Teenage Thrill Seekers

We all know that youngsters are not averse to taking risks. Many of them love that adrenaline-rush! The best holidays for teenagers include plenty of action, some thrill-seeker experiences, and generally cool stuff (that they can brag to their friends about). You don’t have to visit museums and go for hikes, when you can explore the world around you zip lining and paragliding!

If that sounds like it’s just up your teen’s road, book a destination where you can incorporate activities that will give them an adrenaline rush and a sense of accomplishment. Look for thrill-seeking experiences like Bangee jumping, sky diving, white water rafting, zip-lining, rock climbing, go karting, canyoning, sandboarding, or dune buggy riding in the desert – to name but a few!

Some of the best teenage holiday destinations for thrill seekers include Costa Rica, New Zealand, Qatar, Cape Town, Austria, and the Swiss Alps. These offer plenty of opportunities for adrenaline loving teens. Taking your youngsters on such a trip isn’t cheap, so make sure that they record their experiences whilst on the go. This will be a holiday of a lifetime, after all.sandboarding in the desert - best holidays with teenagers

Outdoor Adventures for Teenagers

If your teenager is not so much a thrill seeker but more of an outdoorsy type, you could look for a holiday that includes plenty of outdoor pursuits, such as wild water swimming, surfing, cycling, golf, or fishing. Whilst you could book a surfing, cycling, or golfing trip, this might not be much of a holiday for you or any siblings, unless you all share the same passion. Instead, look for a cool campsite or a tranquil log cabin in a forest, with plenty of activities nearby, such as a swimming, fishing, or boating lake, a golf course, or hiking and cycling trails.

Outdoor adventures are a wonderful way for single parents and teenagers to bond and give technology a break. Best of all, you don’t have to go abroad. There are plenty of beautiful summer destinations in the UK with tons to do for teens. Pembrokeshire in Wales is the perfect getaway with kids of all ages, whilst Cornwall and Scotland are equally popular UK destinations for teenagers who love the outdoors.girl playing golf - outdoor activities with kids

Holidays for Teenage Music Buffs

Remember those good old days when you knew the lyrics to every song on the radio? Music is hugely important to most teenagers, and sharing their passion will earn you Brownie points! So why not spend your holiday attending a music festival with your teens? Many music festivals in the UK are family friendly. Glastonbury and Burning Man, for example, have a family camping section, offering a more comfortable, safe base whilst still allowing them an incredible experience making meet new friends, enjoying some independence, and making the most of summertime.

Coachella, a huge cultural event in California, would make for another amazing holiday for teenagers if your youngsters not only love music but are also creative and appreciate art. New Orleans, in Louisiana is another fabulous destination, and it’s not just for jazz lovers. It might be the birthplace of jazz hosting annual festivals and celebrations, but the city itself is a colourful place with a real buzz about it, and some fantastic Creole cuisine.

Cultural Immersion Trips

Another way to make amazing memories with your teenager is by travelling to destinations rich in history and culture. Such holidays can be both educational and eye-opening. If your youngster loves exploring new countries, and is a history buff, then he or she will love Rome, Athens, Cairo, and Istanbul. These cities offer a blend of ancient landmarks, vibrant street life, and delicious cuisine that will captivate young people.

If your teen is into the arts, consider a holiday in Paris, London, Amsterdam, or even New York. These vibrant cities have a great buzz about them, and also happen to be some of the best art destinations for kids and teens.New York - best holidays for teenagers

Road Trips with Teenagers

Going on a road trip is a great bonding opportunity for parents and teenagers. Whether you choose a staycation or go abroad, a road trip is an adventure for the whole family. It’s a great holiday for those who love flexibility, and spontaneity. Besides renting a campervan, you can take your car and stop at exciting spots whenever you feel like it. From wild water swimming in Somerset, surfing in Cornwall, and fly fishing in Hampshire, to climbing the mountains of Ben Nevis, or discovering the wild beaches of Scotland, road trips offer excitement from start to finish.

If your teenager wants to see the world, road tripping through Europe will be an amazing experience. If you only have a week, you could combine London, Paris, and Amsterdam. If you have a little more time, driving along the Dalmatian Coast from Zadar to Dubrovnik and on to Montenegro, make for an equally exciting itinerary, with plenty of fun stuff on the way for teenagers. If you have a car and a tent, the world is your oyster.

best holidays for teenagers - surfing in UK


Single parent holidays with teenagers can be challenging but they can also be an opportunity to make some amazing memories. Make sure to include your youngsters in your trip planning and listen to any suggestions they have. Choose a location that works for you both and has plenty for teens to see and do. Don’t forget to give them space and the opportunity to make some of their own choices while still ensuring that they are safe. This way, you can create the best holiday for your teenagers whilst you, too, can relax and have a good time.

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