Online Dating for Single Parents

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Are you a single parent looking for love? Dating can be a minefield, some singles will tell you. But once you are a parent and your priorities have shifted (and your social life with it), it becomes a real challenge.

To start with, where do you meet a potential partner? In your 20s and 30s, singles might meet at work, at a bar, on a Saturday night or at a friend’s party. If you do work in an office, you might have a chance to spot someone you like but, when in the past you might get to know each other a little better over a few after-work drinks or a lunch session at the gym, you don’t enjoy such luxuries now. After all, now as a single parent you are one of the first to rush out of the office to pick up the kids from nursery / childminder / grandparents, etc. after your working day has ended.

The second biggest obstacle for single mums and single dads is when to tell your date that you have kids. Should you get it out in the open before you even go on the first date, get to know him or her better (in the hope of encouraging a more favourable response), or keep it a secret as long as possible (and risk having wasted a fair amount of time when he or she runs a mile)?

Online dating saves you from both these dilemmas. Not only is everything about you out there from the beginning, but you also know a lot about your potential date from day 1. This saves both of you time and effort and sounds terribly pragmatic. But think of the upsides: You can both look at each other from afar and decide what or who might work for you, chat, flirt and speak on the phone from the safety of your own home (and with the kids tucked into bed) before you embark on that first date to see if the chemistry matches the initial impression.

Think about what you want and check which dating site works for you: Do you want to meet another single parent, are you after a serious relationship or a casual date, are you looking for someone in a similar profession? Single Parents on Holiday’s dating website is a safe and convenient way to find the person that is right for you. You can apply filters to find the right person and joining is absolutely free. You only need to pay once you had a good browse around and decide that there is someone who tempts you and who you wish to meet.

Whatever you choose to do, be selective, read the advice on safe dating and … enjoy yourself!

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