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Tips for Staying Safe When Travelling Solo

Have you ever considered travelling solo but were worried about your safety? Whilst travelling is generally safe, there are some precautions you should take, especially when you embark on a solo journey. Make the most of your trip without taking any risks and check out our tips on how to stay safe when travelling solo:

1.   Do your research

Whether you are bound to get anxious before solo holidays or are the happy go lucky type – for the sake of your safety, it is wise to do a little research before embarking on your solo journey. Here are some of the things you should always find out about before you set off:

  • the local laws and customs, including the dress code,
  • the areas that are not safe to visit unaccompanied or after dark,
  • the climate so you can pack appropriate clothing and supplies,
  • the safest way to travel to your accommodation especially when arriving late,
  • the best mode of transport at your chosen destination,
  • contact details of someone local that you trust and can call if something goes wrong.

Thankfully doing your research is easy nowadays. You can research everything from your accommodation to transport links and local customs, to the best beaches from the safety of your home. In addition, don’t forget to ask around to see if any family or friends have been to the country or city you are visiting. First hand knowledge can sometimes give more insight than reading twenty differing TripAdvisor reviews.

Last but not least, if you are anxious about travelling solo, all that research will undoubtedly help put your mind at rest and boost your confidence, so that you can set off on your journey in the knowledge that nothing can possibly go wrong.plan your solo holiday to stay safe

2.   Share your itinerary

Let a friend or family member know where you are going and when they can expect to hear from you. Leaving an up to date itinerary with someone, so that they can alert the authorities and track you down quickly should they not hear from you. Include the contact details of any accommodation or trips you booked and the type of transportation you’ll be taking, as well as the details of the people you’ll be with, if applicable. Should something untoward happen on your travels, these details will help responders locate and assist you more quickly.

Additionally, make sure to check in regularly – whether that will be sending a text or posting on social media – to let people know how your journey is progressing and that you are happy and healthy.

3.   Pack light

Now when it comes to what to pack for your solo holiday, travelling light is definitely the way to go. You save on hold luggage when you fly, and as a solo traveller you want to be able to get around easily, rather than carrying lots of luggage from one place to the next. This is particularly helpful if you intend an onward journey using buses and trains. Travelling with hand luggage or a backpack makes you so much more mobile and less vulnerable, too. And don’t forget that struggling with excessive luggage on arrival makes you an obvious tourist and a prime target for thieves. Take only what you need, and hand wash your clothes or use laundry services – very inexpensive in some countries.small suitcase with rolled up clothes

 4. Blend in

Speaking of pickpockets – do leave those valuables behind. Jewellery, gadgets, expensive watches, designer clothes, etc. will out you as a tourist in most places. Dress like the locals, or at least dress down to avoid unwanted attention and putting yourself at the risk of being robbed. Put that map away and instead walk with confidence. Using Google maps and earplugs is a lot less conspicuous than holding a huge map.tourist using Googlemaps

5. Make copies

Make copies of important documents, such as your passport, visa, travel itinerary and insurance policy, as well as a list of important telephone numbers. Keep these records in a separate location, such as your hotel safe, or even better online, so that you can access them anytime from anywhere.

6.   Lock up your valuables

If you want your Next Vacay to be a success, you need to be extra vigilant with your belongings. Keep any valuable items, such as keys, cash, and credit cards locked away in a secure location – never take risks with possessions that can be easily stolen. In most cases, hotels provide you with a digital safe in your room to secure all your valuables. If you need to take any of these items with you, then make sure to keep them  on your person in a secure, hidden pocket – and be extra vigilant if you are out and about exploring solo.passport in wallet

7.   Stay vigilant at all times

It is important to stay vigilant and remain conscious of your surroundings, at all times when travelling alone. Whilst safety should always be at the forefront of your mind, wherever you are, you are at higher risk of being targeted as a lone tourist. Be cautious when meeting new people. Don’t accept rides from strangers or go off with someone you don’t know well. Don’t accept drinks in a bar from strangers. And last but not least, trust your gut instinct: If something feels wrong, it probably is.

Taking extra precautions such as memorizing local emergency numbers or carrying pepper spray can make all the difference when it comes to staying safe in a foreign place. It can also bring you peace of mind allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience more, so prioritize taking the necessary precautions and checking in with yourself regularly. Take time to relax and recharge – both mentally and physically – while you are on the road solo.

Follow our simple tips for staying safe when travelling solo, and you will be able to enjoy many exhilarating singles holidays, full of memories that will last a lifetime. Which safety tips do you have for independent solo travellers? Share them with us in the comments below!

About the author:

Single Parents on Holiday are the leading tour operator for single parent family holidays. In addition, we offer solo holidays for single parent empty nesters and any other solo travellers wishing to join a fully-organised group holiday without kids. 

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