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How Solo Travel Can Boost Your Confidence

As we get older, we tend to become more cautious, take less risks and tend to go for safer options. This is particularly true for parents whose sole focus for many years has been to care for the family. Single parents, in particular, can find it hard to make time for themselves, having always put the kids first. Unfortunately this is how many parents can lose their self-confidence, especially mums.

A Guide to  Embarking on Your First Solo Trip:

The good news is, if you’ve always loved travelling, you could use your passion to build your confidence. We are here to show you that it is completely safe to embark on a journey with only a single companion – yourself. And here is, what we found out when we looked a little further into how and why travelling solo is so good for your self-esteem:

Travelling Abroad Solo Can Build Your Confidence

1. Learn to Be Alone

When you are travelling solo, you will be not depend on anyone else nor will anyone depend on you. You are responsible only for yourself. Whether you are a single parent empty nester travelling solo for the first time or you have left the kids with family whilst you take a break, stop worrying about them, enjoy the moment and learn more things about yourself. The way to boost lost confidence is by being alone which means that sometimes you will have to get out of your comfort zone. Every single detail of your solo holiday has been planned and decided by you taking into consideration what you feel comfortable doing. But why not take this opportunity and work on your fears by facing some of them? There is no better way to improve self-esteem than by dealing with your demons.

We all have things we don’t like to do, sometimes just because we have never tried them before. Start exploring your own character while you’re on holiday – you’ll have plenty of time. Figure out which parts of your trip you enjoy, and which ones you find difficult. It doesn’t matter if you are at a ski resort in Europe, or in the Moroccan desert. The sole fact that you’re independent and you managed to leave your kids at home to take time out for yourself means that you’re on a good path to improve your lost confidence.

The biggest misconception people have, is that they think they need another person to make them feel good. Start by debunking that myth, and your life will become so much better. All the activities you loved doing with your best friend, you will love them even more travelling solo.

Learn about yourself when travelling solo and build up your self-confidence

2. Start Small

Going away just by yourself for a week can be quite a challenge, especially for those travelling solo for the first time. The best advice we can give you is to start small – go away for only a few days. Why not try by extending a holiday already booked with friends by a day or two after they leave?

That way you’ll be at a destination you’re familiar with, plus you won’t have to travel by yourself both ways. Parents do often find it hard to leave their children at home while they are exploring new cities. If it’s only a short trip, you’ll find it much easier. The best thing about it, you will feel much more confident in the end. This newly gained confidence will inspire you to take more solo trips in the future.

Start small when you travel solo for the first time to build up your self-confidence step by step

3. Plan Your Trip Well

There is something confidence-building about being booking every single detail of a holiday. Even if it’s the simplest, shortest trip – you will still have to think about transportation, accommodation, food, places to visit and so much more. Plenty of people find that this is not only the fun part, it also makes them feel much more self-assured. At the same time, you are able to choose only the things that you like, so the success of the trip is practically guaranteed. Go over the itinerary several times to make sure that you have everything figured out. If you haven’t already done so, check out the best apps for solo travellers, which can not only help with booking parts of your trips but also help you improve your language skills and find the best places to go to en route.

Plan your trip well when you travel solo for the first time and regain that lost confidence

4. Make New Friends on the Way

You never know who you’ll meet and where you’ll meet them. What if your soulmate is waiting for you on your next solo trip? Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest just because you haven’t travelled alone before. You can conquer all of your fears step by step and build your lost confidence if you become open for new friendships.

You will meet new people and make friends much faster on both solo holidays, and when you travel entirely on your own . If you only travel with your kids, family, or best friends on the other hand, you will feel secure in their presence and you will be less inclined to make new friendships and lower your chances of communicating with new people. You stick to what you know and forget about the fact that being sociable and meeting new people is an amazing experience. You’ll be surprised how many interesting people are out there, who happen to be in the same place at the same time as you.

A few chats with strangers and your self-esteem will be boosted in a way you never expected. Some of these friendships will extend beyond your solo holiday. Being open to communication truly helps to improve long lost confidence.

Making new friends when travelling solo and building your lost confidence

5. Stop Relying on Others

Problems and challenges will undoubtedly be part of your solo journey. They might not be a huge deal, just simple things that will probably make you nervous at first – just because there isn’t anyone else to consult. When you’re travelling with someone else, you can discuss  matters, find a solution or even rely on them to solve the issue.

Life is full of challenges, so now you will need courage and confidence to deal with things all by yourself without the help of anyone else. This applies to every single detail of your trip that might unexpectedly change and cause you frustration. Start with a positive thought, and think about the fact that you’re a grown up with a wealth of experience who can do anything they set their mind on. While solving these issues you’ll also need to communicate with people, which will further boost your self-confidence.

Be proud of yourself and your achievements when you plan your first solo trip to build up lost confidence

6. Be Proud Of Yourself

Travelling solo is a huge deal! Not everyone can do it, and more importantly not everyone decides to do it. The fact that you’ve set your mind on taking a few days off to go travelling all by yourself in itself deserves a pat on the back. You should be immensely proud of yourself. Step by step you’ll regain the self-esteem you’ve been missing for a while. The first few trips might be short and closer to home, but eventually, who know, you might end up travelling the world with only a suitcase by your side.

How magical does seeing the Northern Lights sound? Each time you’ve successfully conquered a new step closer to confidence, reward yourself with another solo trip! The experience will have a hugely positive effect and build your lost confidence in a way you would not have anticipated.

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